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    Something for Every Room

    Make every corner in your home a space that is worth your while.

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    A wide selection of rugs, cushions, throws and more


    Stories from our craft exploration journeys, design processes, and everyday life.



    We aim to revive and sustain ancestral Egyptian crafts and their artisan communities by creating modern living pieces that tell time-honored stories.

    Curated by Kiliim

    Hand selected, handcrafted decor from all around Egypt

    Find us on Instagram @kiliim_

    Follow #KiliimBehindTheScenes and #KiliimHomes to see our products go from the loom to their final homes

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    Find us at one of our stores, or we can come to you when you book our home trial service!


    Arkan Plaza Extension

    Sheikh Zayed, Giza

    Studio Store

    19 Mostafa Kamel St.

    Sarayat El Maadi, Cairo

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