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    One Milestone at a Time

    It was a moment to cherish! After more than a year of going back and forth with work related to setting up our first shop, we finally did it! Opening our first physical and official shop was a huge milestone for us; it meant that we were fortunate enough to reach a level of success allowing us to move forward, all thanks to our clients who have supported us in the past years and to our hardworking team and craftsmen. 

    Space Design

    Thinking of the shop’s interior we wanted the new space to convey our identity, so instead of opting out to work with an interior design firm; we decided to design the space by ourselves, ensuring that our identity and aesthetic was reflected in every corner of the shop. The moment you walk in you’ll find our stories and pictures all around the walls, but right in the middle you’ll spot our most important story, our impact and craftspeople.

    Our ceiling even has hanging looms representing our main craft!

    Along with two other talented furniture designers (Momi Concept and Zulu), we created a cozy corner to showcase our products while giving you an actual feel of how they would look in your home. 

    Hands, Heritage & Homes

    After a lot of work and setting up, we were finally ready for a grand opening to celebrate this milestone! Along with Arkan we had a lovely opening event, Hands, Heritage & Homes, to celebrate the grand opening of Kiliim and Ellie Home, two brands working on reviving local handcrafts. 

    We started out the day with a lot of support from our clients helping each one choose a new piece to add to their home. We even got to catch up with a lot of family and friends too!

    Then we celebrated with delicious food, coffee, and angelic live music. 

    And to spread the love for the craft, we gave free weaving workshops all day. 

    It was a looong day but it definitely ended on a good note! Again, we’d love to thank everyone who came and made it a day to remember and cherish! And special thanks to Plenty Deli, Specialty Bun, Cocoa, and Farida el Gueretly for the lovely food and ambience they created. 


    The Kiliim Team 

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