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    A Reimagined Kiliim

    By Noha El Taher, Co-Founder, Kiliim

    Five years after the launch of our brand, we’ve been inspired by the artisans we’ve worked with and the power our collaboration has over improving their living standards and sustaining crafts from our cultural heritage. This led us to reflect on who we are and what we will aim to work on in the future.

    This past year we’ve been working on two major changes, one of which is our visual identity. Our previous logo and identity was very telling of who Kiliim was when we launched, it was a company of just two people and a handful of craftsmen. I was the co-founder responsible for designing our brand and also designing our products, even though I was a graphic designer who had experience designing either on print or digital media, I was assigned to design a material and product I didn’t quite understand and didn’t have experience with. This reflected in our logo and branding visuals, it was flat and digital, bold, sharp and trendy. Yet, five years later, we’ve grown and got to know ourselves, the craft, and the artisans better, so we came up with an identity that reflected this progress. Our new identity is imperfect and worn, it’s simple and humble. It is true to who we are, the artisans we work with, and the products we make. Alongside, we’ve updated our website and packaging for a thoughtful and seamless shopping experience.

    The other result of our reflection was that we were intrigued by the impact we’ve done in Fowa for the kilim weavers, as we continue our work there, we could only image the potential this kind of collaboration would have on other crafts around the country. This led us to launch ‘Curated by Kiliim’, it is a line of handpicked, handmade home decor items sourced from craft communities across the country. These products from Qena to Fayoum to Luxor tell stories from our cultural heritage that we’ll be sharing with you here through the upcoming weeks. So welcome to the new Kiliim, take a look around and tell us what you think!

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