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    Neutral Chevron Rug


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    • 100% wool rug, hand-woven on a cotton base. 
    • All of Kiliim’s products are handcrafted, making each product unique. Slight variations and imperfections are embraced. 



    • Carpet clean recommended or hand wash cold with non-bleach detergent.
    • For stains, scrub with gel detergent & leave to air dry.
    • Do not use bleach, stain remover, or tumble dry.
    • Products are for indoor use, do not expose to direct sunlight.
    • 5 year guarantee



    • Delivery within 3-4 weeks
    • Returns or exchanges accepted within 14 days in original condition excluding delivery fees.
    SKU: TR-06 Category:


    This piece comes from our Debut collection which is Kiliim’s first ever collection, so it was important that tribute was given to the traditional kilims that Fowan artisans were accustomed to crafting. This collection aimed to blur the lines between modern designs and traditional motifs. While the same geometric shapes were used in traditional kilim rugs, the designs from this collection updated them by reducing the amount of colors used, as well as repeating the shapes to create more uniform patterns to add a sense of modernity. The artisans who made this product are making fair wages and preserving Egyptian cultural heritage by practicing a craft that has been passed down to them generation to generation. Purchasing this product allows us to continue our mission of reviving and sustaining local crafts and empowering their communities.

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